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In the development cycle of a software, the test phase is calculated with approximately 20% of the total time – and mostly at the very end! In addition, usually only functional tests are carried out. Unfortunately, this time block often melts dramatically, as in early stages, such as design and implementation, much more time is needed than planned. The consequences are clear: too short test cycles with a wrong focus lead too quickly to the fact that implemented security gaps are overseen and not noticed – they end up in productive use and the user has the problem of operating software Patching afterwards!

The resulting costs for the software manufacturer (such as the subsequent analysis of the cause, finding the affected code sequence and fixing the security vulnerabilities with new code segments are enormously high and involves a great deal of time. However, if these errors are detected in early stages of the development process, costs and time can be saved as well as quality and customer satisfaction can be increased.

The following report was created from analyses of a wide range of applications and programs used around the world. The companies were able to increase their productivity by using automated tools and improving the quality of their products.

Here is the short version of the State of Software Security (Preview)

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